Our Digital Economy: The Cold Hard Truth

In many vocabularies, the word “economics” appears to be a common word. Many people use this term to complain about their current economic situation, and many people mainly complain about their employment status. For people in today’s world who want to change, be it a job they don’t like or no job at all, the ability to live a dream life has never been richer than it is now, and this wealth is just But as technology continues to grow, the question is, are you ready to transition to the digital economy?

Now is the traditional economy that many people have gotten rid of and destroyed. For many people who control their lives to realize their dreams, this is “a thing of the past”. Those making changes and moving from the traditional, broken economy we have lived in are now turning to a digital economy, which has never been more prosperous than it is today, offering opportunities for everyone, no matter what. What is the degree or experience? The only factor keeping these people from turning to the digital economy is themselves.

The four basic people in the world

There are four basic categories of people in the world we live in. The four types of people in our world are as follows:


The largest group of people. Being an employee in 2013 is not a good job, and over time, and as more and more people in the world turn to our booming digital economy, this positioning will only change this group of people. Worse. First, large companies go bankrupt and people get fired. The second reason is that all large companies and even small businesses are migrating to the digital economy. Only recently has the idea of ​​self-checkout become a reality. For example, because these self-service machines now make up nearly a quarter to half of all checkout channels in the supermarket, a corresponding number of people have been laid off simply because they have been replaced by our digital world. This group of people is part of our traditional economy.


These people usually work for themselves. Since they mostly work for themselves, there are better options, but experts have little leverage because the competition is so fierce (competition will keep driving prices down, etc.). This group of people has become part of the traditional economy again.

Digital Experts

This group of people is our first category in the digital economy, these people are starting an online business. The great thing about being part of this group of people is that you have a huge influence. Once you learn some new business principles, it will be easier than ever to do business in the digital economy. Most digital experts who start and succeed a business are not born to spend money, nor do they spend thousands of dollars to get their business going and be profitable. Businesses in the digital economy can usually start with a small budget.

Owners of publisher products or makers who make these products in our digital economy are part of this group. Thanks to the Internet, they can grow at an alarming rate. These people are getting more and more success and more influence. These people have more freedom (finances, time and location). People in this industry can work when they need it, where they want it, and usually work a few hours a day to create and maintain a six-, seven- or eight-figure income. Time, money and geographic flexibility are the most attractive aspects of being a member of this group.

The key to integrating into our digital economy and becoming part of it is to first realize the opportunities in the digital economy, then learn its methods and then successfully apply those methods to the digital economy.

The reason it needs to be transformed into our digital economy is that the traditional economy has no freedom. With such fierce competition, companies in the traditional economy have continuously worked hard and cut each other’s throats to make ends meet, with little influence. Because the traditional economy has no leverage, there is little room for improvement. Another reason for the inefficiency of the traditional economy is that everyone wastes time on money, and because there is too much time in a day, most people don’t want to work 9-5 every day.

When it comes to the digital economy, it will ultimately be more efficient because you can put your business on autonomous driving without having to manage it there, because you can leave all the management to the technology. section. Another appealing aspect is that by leaving all this work to technology, you can screen people over the Internet and find people looking for the products you are offering, rather than cold talk and other similar selling methods within the company to make. Traditional economy.


More and more people are migrating to this digital economy, making all these attractive benefits a reality. Unless you don’t have enough motivation or desire to make this change, there’s no reason you shouldn’t migrate to the digital economy.


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